How to 360 Flip

Ah yes, the ever so famous 360 flip, when it is performed and landed it will get a clap from any crowd. The 360 flip is one of the coolest looking skateboarding tricks that there are, and it is not as hard to learn how to do, as it looks.

There are some tricks that you should have pretty much mastered though before you attempt a 360 flip. Before attempting a 360 flip, you should already be landing kickflips 80% if the time on flat ground, this is not a rule that is set in stone, but you will be able to learn the 360 quicker if you have the kickflip, along with the 180 varial mastered, the varial flip will also help, as if you can do a varial flip then you are halfway to a 360 flip.

When you slam your back foot on the skate board just like when you do an Ollie, hit it extra hard in order to try and flip it. As your doing this, allow your front foot to slide off the board and use your toes to flip it that way as well.

Be cautious while youíre doing this trick, because itís easy to bust your ass. After youíve managed the flip, you want to catch the board with your feet and center it again. As with any skateboarding trick, make sure that you bend your knees also, it will help you absorb the shock of the landing so you wonít bust your ass or break a bone.

If you are able to perform flip tricks off of a set of steps, say a three step, then you may want to practice the 360 flip jumping off of steps. I have never read this anywhere, but me and my old skate buddy, landed our first 360 flips off of a3 step. Although we could land kick flips of the 3 step about 70% of the time, along with varial kick flips.

Here is a cool video that I found whilst browsing the web that I highly recommend, as I believe both good text and video instruction can teach anyone out there on how to attempt and land a 360 flip.