Basic Skateboard Tricks

A number of the most exhilarating things to watch in extreme sporting events are the tricks that professional skateboarders can do. Professional skateboarding is not for everyone, and not everyone that picks up a skateboard can be at that advanced level, but there are many tricks that the amateur and professional skateboarders that will impress their friends if nothing else. Possibly they can continue on to learn more and turn out to be professional or semi-pro and compete for cash and prizes.

Knowledge of the tricks can be fun but it is more than ever important to know and understand that the more advanced tricks you learn, the harder you fall trying to land them, and the more prone you are to injury, especially when you start attempting tricks off of steps, ramps and rails. More people get injured in skateboarding accidents when attempting tricks than with any other form of skateboarding.

There are more than a few forms of tricks that can be learned. Several of them are harder than others so it is best to start off with the simple ones before progressing to the more complicated ones. This also gives the character sense of accomplishment and will give them assurance to be able to attempt the more complicated tricks. The easiest trick to learn, which is also the foundation for several other tricks, is the Ollie.

This is just a place change on the skateboard that requires some agility and balance. While skating, jump and make a half turn so that you are now faced the other direction on the board. Once this is mastered, you can try for a complete turn.

Another simple trick to learn is how to walk the skateboard. This is accomplished by moving left and right with the back and front wheels so the top wheels pop up and are placed at a forty five degree angle when landing. Then the back wheels are popped up to meet the front.

The skateboard will continue to walk constantly. This is a cool ass maneuver that is easy to achieve and not terribly dangerous. It takes a little practice and balance, though, to make it look smooth.

A full turn is a bit more tricky but with some practice and a good balance it can be accomplished without too much problem. The front wheels are popped up while pivoting a half turn on the back skateboard wheels before the front wheels land.

This can be highly developed to a complete turn once you have this trick down pact. After some basic turns and holds are learned, the skateboarder can start doing some of the more advanced tricks that involve ramps and rails, perfect balance must be met with the skateboard first.

These tricks are much more hazardous are done at a faster pace so it is vital to be confident in the skateboarding basics before trying to mimic the pros and the amateurs.